devil    March 3, 2018    Grace Kelly celebrates 5 years. Happy birthday, Grejsí! heart

 Happy New Year 2018! 

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mail    July 16, 2017    We have available kittens (look at the section "Kittens")

heart    April 18, 2017    Annie is pregnant... (37 days)

heart    April 15, 2017    We have "H" kittens - two red tabby boys and one girl (Grace Kelly 1 Ayden). Boys are reserved. More photos will be on Facebook...

devil    April 3, 2017     Frankie was castrated in his 11 months.

                                        Grace Kelly - 53 days (pregnant), Annie 22 days...  

heart    March 15, 2017    Grace Kelly is pregnant (34 days) ...


devil    February 17. 2017    We are on TV show for children:





                                     laugh  We are also in a cat magazine:













heart    January 22, 2017    Ayden is 7 years old and he becomes a tomcat - VETERAN ... smiley

yes    January 4, 2017    Our cat cattery participated in the filming of the television for children... smiley The funny reportage will be put to the children´s program  ":D - Telefon"  on February 17, 2017 in the afternoon...



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heart    December 24, 2016    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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heart    September 20, 2016    Ayden, Annie and Grace = actual HCM negativ.

devil    September 10, 2016    Every "British Red" kitten is happy in his/her new home. We are so happy that we have contact with their owners and have a lot of photos of them...

yes    September 4, 2016    Frankie British Red,CZ lives with our son Kaja and his girlfriend. Frankie is 4 months and 1 day and he was at cat show in Karlovy Vary for the first time today. Great result...

        FOTOALBUM: "První Františkova výstava - Karlovy Vary 9-2016"   (click)

heart    May 8, 2016    We have 3 kittens (litter G) from Grace Kelly and Ayden... It seems to be one boy Garfield and two girls. Annie´s kittens (litter F) are fine too ...

More information and photos are in section "Litters" or in Czech version: Novinky - News.

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 Happy birthday to our kittens of May from litter "C", "D" and "E"!!! 

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heart    May 3, 2016    We have two boys from Annie... a cream boy and a red one.


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heart   April 7, 2016    Lady in Red is 5 years old and she has 4,6 kg.

heart   January 22, 2016    Ayden is 6 years old and he has 7,7 kg.

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 mail    December 12, 2015    Enchanting Ella British Red*CZ was at her the first cat show in Finland with EX 1 result. Thank you very much, dear Amandine!


heart    October 19, 2015    European Earl British Red*CZ flew by plane to USA. Eurik will have lovely new home!

heart    September 6, 2015    Edmond Dantes British Red*CZ flew by plane to Serbia today evening with his new nice owner. We wish you and to your new family good luck, dear Edmi... kiss

heart    September 5, 2015    Enchanting Ella British Red*CZ is after 8 hours (by car, by two planes and by train) in her new home in Finland. We are so happy that her new family loves her and that Ella did not stop her lovely purring... Thank you, Amandine and Rauno, for your messages!

mail    Kittens "E" - 3,5 months = Edmond Dantes: 2 450 g, Enchanting Ella: 2 200 g, European Earl: 2 300 g

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devil    July 12, 2015    Kittens "E" (Edmond, Ella and Euro) are 3 months old and they are already vaccinated also for rabies. They are only waiting in our house when their new parents arrive... wink

Edmond Dantes - 1850 g, Enchanting Ella - 1630 g, European Earl - 1740 g

All photos of our kittens you can find on Facebook or in the section "Koťata/Litters" of our Czech websites.








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devil    June 11, 2015    Kittens celebrate their the 1st month today!


All photos you can find in our Czech version here: "Odchovy / Litters"  (click here)

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heart    May 11, 2015    Grace and Ayden have 3 red tabby kittens...

heart    April 12, 2015    New video of our red cats:


mail    April 9, 2015    It seems that our Grace Kelly and Ayden will be parents in May... The ultrasound said that there are at least three (red) very active babies there... So we will see later... wink




heart    April 7, 2015    Lady celebrates 4 years!   Happy birthday!


mail    You can see our plans in the secton: "Kittens"... cheeky

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heart    February 3, 2015    Grace Kelly celebrates 2 years today...


FOTOALBUM: "Ladynka a Aydík - FOREVER LOVE!"   (click) 

devil    February 10, 2015    Today we were 920 km by car because Annie (Anička) wanted to stay with her red husband in Slovakia. So she has honeymoon till Saturday. And because Lady in Red (Ladynka) was so persuasive, she is with our Ayden. Maybe there will be a lot of red kittens here in April... or later...smiley

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heart   January 22, 2015



Ayden is 5 years old! 




  Happy birthday,Aydy!





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devil    January 20, 2015    It seems the spring is comming. Our cats want babies. Especially Lady in Red (Ladynka). She really wants them very loudly... cheeky ... but we would like to wait with her. Annie or Grace Kelly  could be the next... Grace stays with Ayden in his cat house for these few days and she starts to be more kind to him. They love to stay there because there are so many interesting things there. They also enjoy owner´s visits in their area and sometimes they also like to visit an owner´s house too... smiley

devil    January 7, 2015    Can you imagine what is necessary if for example Annie wants to have kittens?!?

1.  rabies vaccination

2.  vaccination against basic infections: panleukopenia, calicivirus, herpes

3.  vaccination against infections: FeLV (leucosis), chlamydiosis

4.  heart ultrasound from a cardiology specialist to eliminate HCM (genetic heart disease)

5.  blood sample to eliminate PKD - genetic laboratory in the USA-California (genetic kidney disease)

6.  negative blood sample FIV (feline AIDS)

7.  negative swabs - Streptococcus canis, Mycoplasma felis, Chlamydophila felis

8.  sample - blood group

9.  confirmation from the vet that she has not an umbilical hernia

10. preventive worming, flea control (Stronghold)

11. microchip, pedigree

12. cover contract

13. tomcat´s permission smiley  and subsequent confirmation from the owner and basic cat organizations



Especially great thank you for Christmas wishes from our friends that have our kittens! 





















                         Deak Mici                                                            



  Delia Pifina














yes    December 6, 2014    Cat show in Olomouc (Moravia, CZ)

SC Ayden Red Felicity,CZ DVM:

Type: beautifully built, stocky,          well-muscled, broad chest
Head: excellent, round firm chin,       full cheeks, forehead wonderful
Eyes: excellent, round, beautiful color
Ears: excellent, wide apart
Coat: short, dense, almost ideally crispy, gorgeous tabby
Tail: proportional to body
Condition: Excellent
Overall impression: A wonderful cat
Result Mr. Panek:
PH +             nomination to BIS


IC Annie British Red,CZ:

Type: medium, harmonic cat, well-built
Head: excellent profile, strong chin, forehead nice
Eyes: Large, round, beautiful dark copper color
Ears: OK size, good shape
Coat: excellent crispy texture,       
good length and density,                  deep red with ghost marking
Tail: excellent
Condition: Excellent
Overall impression: nice presentation,
clever cat
Result Mrs. Venclikova: EX + CAGCIB + nomination to BIS


FOTOALBUM: "Výstava Olomouc 12- 2014"  (click)



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devil    December 2, 2014    It was rainy yesterday and ice was everywhere. From now we have a bit snow. Ayden tried it but he was not so happy... But he was satisfied that he can spend time in the garden... smiley

FOTOALBUM: "Podzim / Autumn"   (click)

devil    November 30, 2014    It is incredible how Ayden looks well in last few weeks - he has gained weight immediatelly. Annie and Lady are also in a good condition. Grace proves the rule that a cat is ready for having kittens around two years of age. She looks now as a skinny teenager and it seems that she decided to wait for kittens, maybe with Annie. We suspect that the red girls want to take care of children together next year. We hope that Lady will not have the similar idea! cheeky  Ayden spends a lot of time with all the red girls and it is a very pleasant period. Today we were very suprised that Grace caught a bird and brought it from our garden cat area to our house. It was really "happy Christmas time" for her! cheeky Well, this is nature!

FOTOALBUM: "Grace and her bird at home"  (click)

heart    November 27, 2014    Mourek (almost 17 years old tomcat) stays with us forever. Sleep well, honey!

It was beautiful life with you...

FOTOALBUM: "Mourek"  (click)

devil    October 29, 2014    We recieved results from laboratory of California today. Grace Kelly is           non-agouti red cat and has PKD (hereditary kidney disease) negativ. HCM (hereditary heart disease) is also negativ... so we will do some easy test before her rut and then she can make friendship with Ayden... but it really depends on her, when we have next kittens... cheeky 

yes    25-26/10/2014        FIFe WORLD SHOW - PRAGUE 2014

The World Show lasted 2 exhausting days. We selected our IC Annie British Red*CZ to represent our cattery. We are very proud of her - she recieved a title CAGCIB and she participated in the selection of nominations too. Female world winner in our group 3 (which includes also Annie) was Burmese cat from Hungary. Male - Brurmese from Russia. Neuter male - Burmese from Denmark. Neuter female - Korat from Finland. Younger kitten - British shorthair from Italy, older kitten - Russian cat from Italy.


devil    October 16, 2014    Lady in Red is 3,5 years old now and she is again in good condition after her the last litter... We are so happy that owners of our kittens are still in contact with us. Thank you all! heartSome of the messages are in our Czech version in the section "Pozdravy/ Greetings"...

devil    October 14, 2014     Do you know how most easily attract attention of a cat owner? Perhaps if such a mistress as Grace walks over the keyboard and then the owner spends part of the day figuring out how to enlarge thumbnail image of her desktop. It is also very effective to play in a fountain with water and then wrap your feet in cat litter and sit on some important papers, which the owner writes whole day near the computer. And the best idea is to try to stuff on top of document files of our cattery and casually drop them out of the shelf ... In the end Grace lay on my wrist and I could not even move my computer mouse ... This is the best time for relax! wink

devil    October 12, 2014    Annie and her brothers and sister celebrate the 2nd birthday! So Annie got her present and she had to try it immediately with her friend Grace Kelly... cheeky  The bed for cats is used by all. The autumn is coming and Ayden is very calm and cute tomcat these days. He also put weight on again. Grace Kelly is incredibly cuddly, we can say that she is spoiled cat. We are waiting for tests of Grace from laboratory that we need before her next rut.


                        heart  heart  heart  heart  heart  heart

                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

     Ace, Auki, Annie, Archie, Alfi, Akdar

                          British Red*CZ

                                  *12/10/2012, litter "A"

                       heart  heart  heart  heart  heart  heart




                                           heart  heart  heart

                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

            Blaze British Red*CZ

                                   *06/10/2013, litter "B"

                                           heart  heart  heart


devil    October 1, 2014    We have changed the look of our website for your better orientation and because our new bilingual version. We hope you are interested in it... smiley

Yesterday Grace Kelly was tested before covering of Ayden: HCM is negativ... We are so happy! For other tests we are waiting...  

mail    September 30, 2014    Because several of our kittens live abroad, we decided to adapt our website and we tried to translate it in English. In case someone will be interested in it, please apologize possible mistakes in the text. Best regards, Radka cheeky

Our new life with a cat indoors started in April 2010 with our lovely tomcat Ayden. Because he was so successful at cat shows, we decided to get him a wife Lady in Red. From their great love we have our sweet red Annie, kitten from our first litter and we are very proud of her. Ginger tabby Grace Kelly came from Holland and it seems our cat family is satisfactory large for now… ;-)

So far Ayden became Supreme Champion and has also DVM title – Distinquished Variety Merit, Lady in Red became Grandinterchampion, Annie is Interchampion and Grace Kelly is Champion for now. We are proceeding slowly and in compliance with the regulations. We had 4 litters with 15 kittens till now.

We carefully consider whether we give a kitten for breeding. We decided not to sell kittens for breeding in our country, only as a pet. Our kittens have new homes in Czech Republic, in Holland, in Romania and in Hungary.