“It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.“ (Cynthia E. Varnado)


Our kittens always have a Pedigree. If you get a pedigree cat, you can rest assured that your pet will appear in adulthood as you originally expected and that its nature will respond to desired breed.

The parents of our kittens are in excellent condition and they are not burdened with a genetic kidney and heart diseases and they are regularly tested, vaccinated and dewormed. The test results and vaccination certificates, of course, are available for inspection. Our cats are fed with super premium food, chicken, fish and raw beef. Our cats are members of our family and we would like to find for our kittens the kind owners that will love them and will give them such love that they received from us. It is very appreciated, if you stay in touch with us. Before you buy a cat it is possible and welcomed to come in person and see us and our cattery. A kitten can be reserved till a certain date however we require a deposit if the kitten is not to be offered to other interested parties. The deposit will be refunded only if the obstacle is on our side. The kitten will get purchase agreement which will be available for inspection during the visit or by e-mail.

A kitten "as a pet" is for a lower price, although from us gets exactly the same treatment as a kitten “for breeding”. We have decided to provide him a comfortable life of castrated cat. The kitten has to be castrated and cannot be used for breeding! We require confirmation of castration before 12 months of age !!!

A kitten "for breeding" is more expensive and availability of this option is by us very carefully considered.

Our kittens leave us in 13 weeks (+ 21 days after vaccination of rabies if he goes abroad) of age with their pedigree and with pet passport. They are fully socialized, regularly vaccinated, dewormed, chipped. Lifelong breeding service is guaranteed.